I am taken with the notion that, like the law of conservation of energy, nothing is lost in this world. All connection, time, space, action, word and thought are entangled in their rippling, transferring and transformation through generations.


Born 1968 and based in Cape Town, Abraham interrogates conventional roles of women in the domestic institutions of marriage and religion. She references her personal experience as a pivotal point of departure for her evolving look at these ideas.

Abraham’s first introduction to art was through the performing arts in 1987 as a student at Michaelisdrama school, UCT. Her trajectory has been assembled through the choice of appointed contemporary teachers. Since 1998 Abraham has been in private tuition with Lindy Solomon of the ASTAR method and Rosenclaire; an interesting combination of process driven, art historical, and purist methodology. This in conjunction with her study of performance and the teachings and material of her domestic life – married for 21 years and a mother of four teenagers have informed the foundation of her practice. Read more